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About Michael Greene (Grandpa Mike-e-e!)

Grandpa Mikee's wedding

Grandpa Mikee was born a little kid. His father and mother were born Jewish in Poland and so was he!

At the age of three he came to US with his parents in 1924.

Mikee wasn't athletic as a kid. When his friends picked stickball teams they chose him as the umpire so he wouldn't end up on anyone's side.

At age 15 he met Anita, his Bubbila.

At 16 he graduated high school. At 18 he was the manager of a small bedding retail and manufacturing company in 1939.
At 19 he was hired as Assistant to the VP of Purchasing of Sweets Corp. of America — the makers of Tootsie Rolls.

He was drafted into the US Army Signal Corp, Communications Personnel Division, at Fort Grandpa Mikee at a costume party Monmouth. At 23 he qualified for O.C.S. - Officer Candidate School and graduated as a Second Lieutenant, Inventory/ Personnel Division in 1944.

During the war, in 1943, he married his sweetheart, Anita, and he gives thanks to the Almighty that they are with Anita, Mike's Bubbila still sweethearts... after more than seventy years.

After the war he rejoined Sweets Corp. as Director of Personnel in 1945 at age 24.

In 1946, his sister was suddenly widowed. He took over her dead husband's small retail/ manufacturing company as President. He stayed on for 46 years managing the custom designing of over 20,000 childrens' rooms and master bedroom beds.

In 1968, at the age of 47, he graduated from Hofstra University, attending college in the same years as two of his children!

Grandpa Mikee with one of his grandchildren

While working in the furniture business, he applied for a thirty day temporary columnist opening at the Reed Business Newspapers in North Carolina and woulnd up staying on for 27 years. His retail columns were distributed everywhere from Brooklyn to Bangladesh, to Belgium and Beijing He was admitted to the Writers Hall of Fame for, "CONSPICUOUS EXCELLENCE In reports and appraisals of the furniture industry."

At age 70, he retired from retail management, and at age 72 he published first book, Where's The Green Pea?, a book starring a vegetable character and accompanied by his original music and CD. At age 76 he wrote Gee! I Wish I Had A Bedroom All My Own and at eighty he wrote Tzedakah and the Precious Pushke.


At 89 he published Retail Life: How To Get In, and Win! in online and printed version for business schools, industry, and entrepreneurs. Includes a how-to educational section for "Wise Women Who Love A Challenge" and "Oldtimer Retailers Who've Missed Some Basic Goodies In Business Promotion. Also provides business professors and career students seeking everyday practical trade experiences and business thinking.

Grandpa Mikee has led a lifetime of service. Some of the volunteer positions he has filled are: President of the Long Island chapter of Zionist Organization of America, President of Congregation Beth Israel in Hempstead, New York and Westchester Chairman of UJA.

Grandpa Mikee has designed programs for primary and pre-K schools and presented them with his Anita. He has lectured in middle schools with tech info for parents, teachers and students in Home Science.

At 90 plus Grandpa Mikee is a musical playwright, composer and lyricist with original music and thinking for very young and very old America.

Grandpa Mikee's grandchildren all contributed to the making of this website.