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Gee! I Wish I Had a
Bedroom That Was All My Own

Gee I Wish I Had a Bedroom of My Own

An Education Adventure in Interior Environment

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Gee! I Wish I Had a Bedroom That Was All My Own

by Michael Greene

From the author:

This book is a conversation. A conversation among Pip, a young lady, and her inner self, her younger brother Tommy and his inner self...and myself. It's about planning their private, interior environment worlds...their bedrooms.

Room planning is an expedition of finding and choosing objects and a mood. In that process there is an ongoing dialogue that culminates in decisions tempered by background, instincts, education and economics. In this book, we talk about things from lazy lounging to linens to bed sizes to spatial relationships.

And because furnishing a room is not only a personal art expression but a commercial expression as well, we also talk about money: how hard it is to come by, how expensive it is to waste and how it rides round and round in the world marketplace.

If you are an individual who believes that the experience of acquiring material things might also be a fun exsperience filled with learning and earning, then plunk your hard earned money down and enjoy yourself.

A-n-d, if you are a parent and are going to present this book to a young person, I hope you will say to yourself after reading it: "Gee! Too bad this book wasn't written when I was a younger person."

Some of What's Included:
  • The Body Measuring Tape
  • The Couch Potato Fifty Percent Buying System
  • Space Planner’s Room Plan
  • Grandpa Mikee’s Unbelievable Up-and-Down Bedroom Decorating System.
  • This is the room size. This is what fits — how and why. This is what it costs. This is where we can buy it.
  • Grandpa Mikee’s “What is it?” Glossary