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music for kids

Hop On!

Ride with Grandpa Mikee's
Notes for the Heart

Themed CDs

notes for the Heart
Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam
  • The Penny Song

  • Becca's Precious Pushke Tzedakah Story
    • - performed by Becca Barish
  • Grandma's Tzedakah
    • - performed by Anita Greene

    •   Grandma "Bubbila" sings about
  • Tikkun Olam
    •   A story that teaches that everyone can
        do a little bit to heal the world
notes for the Heart
Love and Family

Songs and stories about grandmas and grandpas, moms and sisters
  • It's Your Cool Yiddishe Momma

  • Jenni's Prayer
    •   Tomorrow your hopes will come true
  • Jewish Mother
    •   The strongest link in the ancient chain of Jewish preservation: a story
  • Grandma's Treasures
    •   Her daughter's precious remembrances
  • Imaginary Mechitzah
    • A story about brushing away the mechitzas and letting women reach for the stars
  • Zayde
    • A story about Shem Tov — leaving a good name
notes for the Heart

Songs and stories for Jewish children
Songs for Jewish children
  • Clap Your Hands

  • V'Ahavta
  • Shadows of Bending Trees
  • Our God Given Way (Yetzer Ha-Tov)
    • Know Who You Are
  • Candle Lighting Time
    •     A song about Shabbat
  • Stop! Look! Listen!
    •     A story about Shabbat
notes for the Heart
Fun !

Songs to put a smile on your face

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