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Grandpa Mikee teaches the joy of tzedakah through music, dancing and stories

Grandpa Mikee presents
a program about Tzedakah

For several years, Michael Greene has been presenting a program of songs and stories to Sunday School children, emphasizing charity
while raising money for Birthright Israel.

Here is a description from one of the teachers whose students participated:

Dear Parents,

I am excited to tell you about a special addition to your child's second grade curriculum — Tzedakah and the Precious Pushke! This book, along with the whimsical CD and cardstock pushke are gifts to your child on behalf of Michael Greene (Grandpa Mikee). Grandpa Mikee will be visiting all our second grade classrooms this month and we look forward to welcoming him into our school. His stories are lovely; they fcus on the beauty and simplicity of performing mizvot and they also highlight the observance of Shabbat.

The reasons for the addition of this program to your child's current curriculum are twofold. First, the book is a beautiful teaching tool and helps share the importance of one of our most important values. Second, the program inspires each child to truly live the value of tzedakah by regularly setting aside money for a special cause. All monies collected in the pushkes over the course of the year will be donated to Birthright Israel. Birthright Israel is designed to send young Jewish adults (ages 18 to 25) to Israel for an incredible ten day experience, free of charge. Your children will bring home a folder with more information about Birthright Israel so that you and they can better understand what the money is going to support.

On each Shabbat for the remainder of the school year, please encourage your child to place 54 cents (that is three times the number symbolizing chai (or life) in the pushke. At the end of the year, your child will turn in the money and will be presented with a special certificate of achievement. In third grade, Grandpa Mikee will visit our classes again to check in with all the students and encourage them to keep on giving!

Ronni Metzger
2nd Grade Teacher
Bet Torah